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The A50 extreme LB have a extreme blade setting throughout the stick that allows consistency and control on the pitch. The Xtreme bow shape has enough curve to allow lifting the ball while not compromising the flat hitting and slapping. 


It have the location of the extra low bow curve at 200mm and the handle with an anti-shock foam layer that gives an excellent sensation when hitting, slapping and control stopping. 


This option is in 50% carbon 45% F.Glass 5%Kevlar

A50 Xtreme LB

  • Colour:  Red / Purp

    Sizes: 35.5" 36.5" 37.5" 

    Weights:  L 

    Head Face:  Coating Surface 

    Curve position:  200mm 

    Balance Point: 40.0cm

    Materials:  50% carbon 45% F.Glass 5% Kevlar

    Grip:  Cushion grips

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